Cologne Human Rights City Initiative
Webinar Series

Friday, 3 December 2021, 18.30 | The Rise of Human Rights Cities in the EU: Why More Cities Should Join In


Get a better understanding of the main features of human rights cities and how EU instruments can help cities to advance their human rights work

↓ Concept & Agenda

Expert input

Expert presenters provide information and know-how from first-hand sources and make the link to international good practice and concrete local activities

Moderated Q&A

Participants are invited to ask questions, submit comments, share relevant information and material and use the networking opportunities provided


Hans Sakkers
City of Utrecht, Strategist for Human Rights and SDGs

… introduces the concept of “human rights cities” and illustrates why being or becoming a human rights city matters and what practical added value this is offering

Geraldine Guille
European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights

… talks about human rights obligations for cities in the EU and shows how the new “Framework Document for Human Rights Cities in the EU” can be used by local governments and civil society

Andreas Wolter
Deputy Mayor of the City of Cologne

… presents examples of the human rights engagement of the City of Cologne and shares ideas on how to further advance Cologne’s human rights efforts 

About the Webinar Series

Implementing human rights is a common obligation of all levels of government. Many rights cannot be realised without active engagement in and by cities. Around these insights, new political and social dynamic has emerged in recent years.

We explore more effective ways to promote and protect human rights at the local level by sharing knowledge: about the manifold links between human rights and cities, about the gains that human rights-based action brings to city life and about the great potential of the human rights city approach.


24 Nov. 2021: A global perspective on local human rights responsibility

3 Dec. 2021: The rise of human rights cities in the EU

Jan. 2022: How human rights cities benefit from close ties to academic human rights institutes

Feb. 2022: Confronting & improving human rights reality: Local complaint mechanisms

March 2022: Uncovering deficits & tracking progress: Monitoring of cities’ human rights engagement

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