Cologne Human Rights City Initiative
Webinar Series

Autumn 2021 – Spring 2022 

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A Global Perspective on Local Human Rights Responsibility

The overall goal of this opening webinar was to deliver a clear and stimulating introduction into the discussion of why it is important to strengthen links between cities and human rights and how this can be accomplished. This included taking a closer look at why and how UN bodies as guardians of the global human rights system increasingly consider the role of cities in promoting and protecting human rights. 

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↓ Presentation of Bahram Ghazi (OHCHR) 

↓ Introduction of the Cologne Human Rights City Initiative

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The Rise of Human Rights Cities in the EU – Why More Cities Should Join In

In this second webinar, the focus was on the connections between human rights and cities in the EU context. The focus was on the human rights city concept, the rise of human rights cities in the EU and the recently adopted Framework for Human Rights Cities of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights. Key elements of the practice of Utrecht as a human rights city were presented to explore the issue in more depth. 

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↓ Presentation of Geraldine Guille (FRA)

↓ Presentation of Hans Sakkers (City of Utrecht) 

↓ Presentation of the Cologne Human Rights City Initiative

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About the Webinar Series

Implementing human rights is a common obligation of all levels of government. Many rights cannot be realised without active engagement in and by cities. Around these insights, new political and social dynamic has emerged in recent years.

We explore more effective ways to promote and protect human rights at the local level by sharing knowledge: about the manifold links between human rights and cities, about the gains that human rights-based action brings to city life and about the great potential of the human rights city approach.


24 Nov. 2021: A global perspective on local human rights responsibility

3 Dec. 2021: The rise of human rights cities in the EU

March 2022: Tracking & reporting progress: Monitoring of cities’ human rights engagement

April 2022: Strengthening of human rights in cities’ international relations and city-to-city partnerships

May 2022: Confronting & improving human rights reality: Local complaint mechanisms

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